Anne Nieman, 11/1/2018

Wow! What would I have done and where would I be today if I hadn’t been directed to Team Care PT??

After 2 debilitating episodes over a period of 11 mos due to a bulging disk and 9 mos of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture treatments, and a steroid taper pack, I still couldn’t do more than walk cautiously or even perform light household chores without lightning bolt pain, let alone any type of exercise.  Jon to the rescue!

Within 3 weeks of seeing Jon and doing the McKenzie Method PT exercises, I had total relief.  Was it voodoo? A miracle?? No, just Jon working his magic with good humor and the McKenzie Method PT.

Jon really listens and cares (I was pretty desperate when I came to him!), gives simple instruction and patiently answers all of my many questions.  He goes above and beyond as evidenced by his willingness to take calls or answer texts even on a couple of Saturdays when I’ve reached out to him for clarification or moral support!

Ira, office manager extraordinaire, is equally awesome.  There couldn’t be a friendlier more responsive duo than Jon and Ira.  They’ve been amazing, and I couldn’t recommend them more enthusiastically.

Thank you Team Care Physical Therapy.

Anne Nieman, 11/1/2018