Jon Weinberg understood, almost immediately what was causing my pain. He set up a program of back exercises that over a period of several weeks completely eliminated my leg pain, The problem was back related and not lower body as several other healthcare professionals had thought. I am now pain free thanks to Jon’s outstanding treatment. I highly recommend Team Care.

Bob Sydell

I’ve struggled with low back and nerve pain radiating down my leg for over 8 years. I had seen every type of specialist you can imagine. Everyone promised results and took my money, but I never got better.

I’m now not only pain free, Jon has given me the tools to diagnose and fix myself! A word of advice, if you want a fancy office environment and lots of MRIs and superfluous exercises, there are plenty of PT clinics around the Triangle happy to oblige. If you actually want to get better and learn how to free yourself of dependency on the medical system, go to Jon.

Trevor F

I’m 65 years old and have had neck and back pain for the last 45 years. The numerous therapies I’ve tried only gave me temporary relief. I arrived at my first appointment with Dr. Weinberg, with neck and lower back pain, tightness and pain in my hips and knots in my shoulder blade area. Dr. Weinberg worked patiently with me for over an hour, explaining the mechanical issues with my spine and guiding me through movements that addressed my upper, middle, and lower spine. I left his office that day without pain! What’s even harder for me to believe is that a month later I’m still pain free! I’m so grateful to be free from constant pain and pinched nerves. I had long forgotten what it was like for daily activities not to be near impossible because of back pain. Thank you, Dr. Weinberg for what you do! It’s been a life changer for me!

Sally Moseley

A very different approach to physical therapy – that works wonders! I’ve struggled with migraines from a neck injury for 15 years, and no one (PT or medical care) has been able to help. Jon fixed the problem, and my migraines have decreased by at least 90%. When I later hurt my back, Jon was there to get me moving again. As an extra bonus, I’m a bit in love with Dave the dog, who is often on duty at the office. Recommend 100%.

Kate DeBruin

I lived in chronic pain for > 6 months recovering from a lower back injury I suffered while working as a paramedic. Previous months of PT and Spine Specialists did little to resolve my pain. In 1 session Jon had me in significantly less pain and hopeful I would regain my life. In 3 weeks I was near baseline and looking to return to work and life. I cannot recommend Jon strongly enough, my only mistake was not seeing him first.

Rachel Stemerman

I was in severe neck and shoulder pain for months and had tried massages and pain meds to various support devices(pillows, belt etc). Finally I decided to take my wife’s input and set up an appointment with Team Care and Jon.  I could feel the  difference in 3 sessions and I loved that Jon taught me how to self manage and helped me with correcting my posture to prevent it rather than just treat my condition. I am doing much better now and have fewer  episodes and am thankful to him for helping me with my condition. I like that he makes his patients feel comfortable with his cheerful and fun personality. Thanks Jon!

Ramkumar Saranathan

I am lifelong martial artist and have had chronic disc issues since the age of 19. I have seen many physical therapists, chiropractors, spine specialists and had repeated interventions including cortisone shots. When I started working with Jon, I was in very bad shape. He is the only physical therapist that has had a profound effect on my wellbeing. Jon’s approach, and the Mackenzie method, have completely changed my health and I have been completely pain free for years now. Thank you Jon and the whole Team Care PT team! I’ll be forever grateful for how you helped me.

Marc Liu

After years of back pain, Team Care was the first to diagnose me correctly and helped me back to being fully active within a few months. I had been treated by both university spine centers, various other PTs, and several chiropractors without success. I was frustrated and limited in what I could do, but Team Care was the difference.

Josh Hawn

Jon has treated me for back issues a couple of times over the years and always gets me back in good shape. He is a terrific physical therapist, clearly enjoys what he does and the people he works with. I’m grateful for all he has done to get me back to being pain free and even back on the golf course!

Paul Gardner

A nagging back problem sent me to Team Care Physical Therapy. My therapist, Jon Weinberg, was able to help me get back strength and movement. Jon is a great healer, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get back on their feet, literally.

Eric Miller