Jon is absolutely the reason that I was able to avoid back surgery after herniating a disc last year.  Unfortunately before I found Jon and Team Care PT, I spent months with other PTs who were unsuccessful at helping me.  I also had multiple injections into my spine to try and relieve the pain (they didn’t help), and consulted with multiple surgeons – all who recommended surgery to fix my problem.  As a nurse who works in the surgery department myself, I know that even a “minor back surgery” is a big deal and can have lasting side effects.  A friend recommended that I see Jon as a last effort to avoid surgery, and I am beyond grateful that I did.  You can go to any other local PT of your choosing, and they will give you the standard exercises and treatment plan that they provide to every patient that comes in with your condition.  But if you want a provider who truly listens to your symptoms, accurately assesses you at each visit, and provides a custom tailored treatment plan that will get you out of pain and back to your life, you want to give Jon a call.  Not only has my sciatic pain resolved, but I am back to running and working out again.  I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is ready to get out of pain and take control of their life again.  Thank you Jon and Team Care!!

Kendra Broo, 4/29/2020

I saw Jon Weinberg at Team Care PT for about 3 1/2 months and am very happy with the progress I made.  I initially went to see an orthopedist due to back and leg pain interfering with my daily activities.  I had pain getting out of chairs, sitting in chairs, and was unable to take part in my usual activities like exercise and light yard work.  I was diagnosed with various disc and spinal problems and given the choice of pursuing a surgical or PT solution.  I chose to go with PT and he recommended Jon Weinberg as the best PT for my situation.  After 3 1/2 months my posture is much improved, I’m mostly pain free, and able to take part in my previous activities.  I’ve completed several 50 mile bike rides pain free and am back to all previous activities.  Jon was patient and methodical in working through many different exercise plans as my symptoms changed and finally settling on a routine that I’ll continue on at home.  I left with the knowledge of what to do in the event of a minor flare-up in the future.  The office is well run, professional and punctual.  It was a bit of a drive for me coming from Orange County but it was well worth the extra time.  I recommend Team Care without reservation.

Roy Schonberg, 09/07/2019

Complaining of lower back pain and tingling in my leg I was referred to Team Care by a UNC spine specialist.  Jon and Nick showed me stretching exercises which quickly relieved the pain.  After six physical therapy sessions and daily exercising on my own the back pain has gone away completely.  The tingling int he leg rarely returns, and when it does the exercises relieve it.

A.Z., 08/18/2019

Jon was able to successfully solve my complex neck and back issues.  He found the piece of the puzzle that was the key to my improvement!

Lisa Coats, 7/24/2019

Jon looked at my back and sent me directly to the ER.  He assisted me in finding the best neurosurgeon.  After my surgery, Jon carefully and methodically administered P.T. while educating me of the future care of my back.  What amazed me is that Jon knew that there was something terribly wrong with my back just by “looking” at it.  he was in contact with me every step of the way! Today my back feels great, and I do still continue the exercises that I was shown.  Thanks again for going over and beyond what I would be just a routine visit!

Charlie Abbott Jr., 6/28/2019

I came to TeamCare after quitting a traditional group that left me with more pain.  With TeamCare my pain was greatly reduced after first class.  Five classes later I was pain free and able to do anything.  They are the best!

J.K., 7/29/2019

Jon, many thanks for the successful sessions.  You are the only physical therapist, of four, I have seen that has made a positive difference in my lower back.  A straighter David!

David, 1/9/2019

Jon is hands down the best PT I’ve ever worked with. I injured my left hip about two years ago, and was in constant pain for over a year on my left side. I went through a ton of different chiros, doctors, and PT’, spent over $4500 on various treatments and scans, everyone just told me to do the same stretches I had been doing.

Jon gave me new stretches that not only helped a ton, but also took my daily stretching time down from 1.5 hours to about 45 mins total. On top of that, I can dance again and am not in constant pain, in fact I feel great most days! I’d highly recommended Team Care to anyone in my position.

Wil Perkins, 12/30/2019

Like many, I have struggled with back issues for 20+ years.  Mainly lower back issues, L4 and L5 issues to be specific.  Over the years I have tried many options to relieve my pain, with the exceptions of pharmaceuticals other than Ibuprofen.  Everything had a temporary and decreasing benefit over time.  When my wife recommended me trying Team Care and the McKenzie method, I was very skeptical but my daily pain was bad.  So my wife made me an appointment.  My first meeting with Jon Weinberg was an hour discussing my past and current pain, mobility and physical exam, my goals and expectations.  The process Jon started with me was a combination of exercises that I was able to handle (baby steps.)  It wasn’t long when I started to see improvement.  Please understand I’m not claiming a miracle.  But I did see definite progress in a short  period of time that gave me hope we were in the right path.  I have significant curves in my spine that have always complicated any past treatments.  Like the game Jenga, pull one piece and the tower shifts.  Jon worked with me through my complications and adjusted the course of treatment.  He asked questions, listened and worked with me to find what worked best and how we could continue to see improvement.

So where are we today.  I’m 52 and will never be 25 again.  Yes, I still have bad days when I feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz in the morning looking for an oil can.  But 99 out of 100 days are good.  I can exercise, bike and weight train, and most days I forget I have back issues.  FYI, that was my goal…. To go through an entire day and not think about my back.  Now it’s normal to climb into bed at night and think to myself “Hey no back issues today.”

I have a short series of morning exercises I use as maintenance and others I use if things are a little tweaked on the rare bad day.  This program and working with Jon has done wonders for my back and my ability to NOT have back pain dominate my life.  As I said before, this is not a miracle cure.  It is work and commitment from both the therapist and the patient.  Team Care and Jon have the program and framework that they apply as needed and adjust to relieve your pain.  I’m not a “glass half” guy and I think I have written two reviews in my life.  I highly recommend trying this program.

John Bengivenni, 12/30/2018

I came in with lower back pain and left with no pain and corrected posture! Jon is great and can fix you for good!

Mary T. Powell, 10/17/2018