Jon helped me to do lots of stretching for my upper back.  That has really helped me to relieve my pain.  He taught me the proper sitting position.  That has also helped relieve my pain.  He has a good heart and listens to customers.  He is very polite and humble for his practice.

Rashmi, 3/26/2018

I came to TeamCare PT unable to walk and experiencing lots of pain.  I received excellent therapy and instructions for doing the exercises at home.  The therapist and staff are positive, enthusiastic, and friendly.  I am grateful to have my life back!

S.S., 1/24/2018

An excellent surgeon plus one superior physical therapist equaled returning to my “normal” active life.  Team Care Physical Therapy, Jon Weinberg, was professional, knowledgeable, caring, and deliberate about my physical therapy necessitated by back surgery due to a herniated disk.  I healed slowly and methodically.  I experienced no pain while achieving an understanding of what I had to do to maintain my mobility.  I trusted him implicitly, followed his directions and adhered to his prescribed regimen to regain strength and endurance for a full recovery.  I am eternally grateful to Jon for his guidance and my return to good health.

Jan Woodard, 12/30/2017

I’ve had pain in my knee and feet for more than 10 years.  It has always been dismissed as a consequence of my arthritis.  Within a few minutes,  Jon demonstrated that the pain could be completely relieved by appropriate posture.  Learning how to relieve the pain on my own and relearning posture is a work in progress, but experiencing pain-free days is wonderful!

Michael Kalantar, 12/28/2017

The summer before my junior year at UNC-Chapel Hill I started having back problems.  The spine doctor at UNC recommended I go see Jon, and to this day, I am still thankful for all the time and effort Jon put in to get me back on the tennis court pain-free.  It was a mentally and physically tough period for me, but Jon was there for me every step of the way.  He went out of his way to make sure I got the treatment I needed any time, and he was the first person I would go to for advice because I knew what an expert he is in his field.  Today I am pain-free, and I owe a big part of that to Jon.  He not only worked with me actively my entire junior year to get me back on the court, he also made me understand my own back, which makes a world of difference, now and later in life.  Jon is a very trustworthy person, and I can’t say enough positive things about him.  At 22 years of age, it was everyday life for me to wake up in the morning not being able to put on socks.  Having gone from that state to where I am today, pain-free, I realize how big of a difference it makes in terms of life quality not having to worry about your back from the second you wake up until the second you go to sleep. I will always remember the days I came to Jon feeling frustrated and hopeless and ended up leaving with a looser back and a big portion of optimism.  I am forever grateful for what Jon did for me, and if you ever have any sort of back pain, he is your guy 100%.

Esbin Hess-Olesen, 10/25/2017

After 2+ years of PT for my neck pain (with various providers), Laura finally helped me break through and find relief! Her methodical approach and careful listening are unique to my experience with physical therapy, and I really appreciate this practice.  I have a better understanding of my pain triggers and tools that are helping me overcome them.  Thank you!

Sarah Ferguson, 10/30/2017

Within 2 weeks of starting with Jon, I felt SIGNIFICANT improvement physically, which in turn positively affected my morale.  I came to Team Care based on a referral from a previous PT guy (that I had to leave due to job change). This previous PT was treating me, using the McKenzie Method, for the same lower back issue for FOUR MONTHS yet I left there feeling no change.  It was frustrating to say the least.   So at the transition I get into Team Care with no delay.   Jon jumped right in and showed me entirely new techniques while following the McKenzie Method.  Did I already mention the speed at which I felt change? Weeks later I’m back in play.   Other attributes to mention: he is hands on, easy to speak with,  personable, and shows perseverance (as we figured out the best stretches and movements for my back.) He did not end any session ever until we both were satisfied with the session and didn’t watch the clock.   And he’s got Ira running the office and keeping the endless admin and insurance stuff straight and painless.

Chris Ranieri, 10/19/2017

I had a slipped disc in L5 S1 which caused some severe pain down my left side.  I dedicated myself to the program set for me by Jon Weinberg and no longer have pain and have an incredible increase in mobility.

Samuel Bryant, 10/2/2017

TeamCare gave me control over my back pain.  I can do anything now whereas before I hurt all the time.

Will Mecker, 9/3/2017

With lots of training and lots of personality, Jon helped me with a back/knee concern before it got out of control.  His method is non-invasive and his program of self-help is easy to follow.

Carol S., 8/10/2017