I had a slipped disc in L5 S1 which caused some severe pain down my left side.  I dedicated myself to the program set for me by Jon Weinberg and no longer have pain and have an incredible increase in mobility.

Samuel Bryant, 10/2/2017

TeamCare gave me control over my back pain.  I can do anything now whereas before I hurt all the time.

Will Mecker, 9/3/2017

With lots of training and lots of personality, Jon helped me with a back/knee concern before it got out of control.  His method is non-invasive and his program of self-help is easy to follow.

Carol S., 8/10/2017

With my regular doctor visits and medications, I found myself having trouble getting out of bed and performing every day tasks.  I was unable to wash my feet, put on hose/socks/shoes without much pain.  This continued for one and a half years.  It wasn’t until I was referred to Team Care and underwent Jon’s physical therapy that I could notice immediate improvements in my mobility.  After my 3-visit treatment plan, my attitude and outlook on life is greatly improved.  I am unable to convey to you the improvement these 3 treatments have made in my life.

JoAnne Howerton, 6/27/2017

After seeing Jon, my back is doing better than ever, and Jon gave me the tools and resources to keep my back healthy for the rest of my life.

Hudson Taylor, 7/13/2017

Jon was such a blessing to Hudson and me.  I am sooo glad Dr. Deol recommended you! Your positive attitude, upbeat, funny comments, and incredible knowledge were so comforting to a teenage boy who is a very determined athlete.  (Also very comforting to this momma!!) I simply cannot say enough positive things about Jon and his staff.  Thank you so much!

Jennifer Taylor, 6/22/2017

For years I had lower back pain from a tumor at the base of my spine (or so I thought).  I was referred to Team Care where Jon Weinberg believed my symptoms were not from the tumor but mechanical.  Within a short time (weeks), I was literally pain free.

Robert Brewer, 6/14/2017

As a former powerlifter, I have regularly lifted heavy things.  And then I injured my back when I stepped in a hole while carrying something heavy overhead.  For close to two years I was virtually unable to even move small things like cinder blocks.  After 10 visits with Jon, I feel like I have my life back.

David Trustman, 6/16/2017

Jon really cares about his patients.  He takes his time to understand your problem and formulate a treatment plan.  He will do everything possible to avoid the need for surgery.  His office manger Ira is accommodating and pleasant. It’s refreshing to have professionals that care about you as a person and not as paycheck.

Anonymous, 6/1/2017

Success is a relative term.  Going from extreme back pain to no back pain in five weeks with Team Care speaks to the specifics of success.

William W. Buisch "Bill", 5/24/2017