Welcome to Team Care, where healing you quickly and accurately is our number one goal.

Thanks to our evidence-based treatment, our average patient visit amount is 5-6 times versus the national average of 20.  We empower our patients with the knowledge and skills to self-manage, alleviate pain, and restore function.  They can avoid spending months in therapy, and in most cases, they avoid further expensive testing and imaging,  injections, and unnecessary invasive procedures.  Our promise to our patients is precise and honest evaluations and personalized, results-based treatment plans which work.  If we cannot do this, we will refer them to specialized resources in our world-wide network for further investigating rather than wasting their valuable resources.  Our reputation for quick results continues to grow, and even though we are based in Cary, NC, we regularly see patients flown in from across the country and across the globe.

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Hours of Operation
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