Got a problem? We’ve got your back… and neck, and hands, and feet. You get the idea.

As a clinic certified to practice the McKenzie Method, Team Care designs individualized programs specifically to meet our patients needs, whatever they are. Whether you are suffering from neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, back, hip, leg or foot pain, our objective is to help you resolve your problem so that you can rapidly get back into action.

What We Treat

Mechanical Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain can keep you from living your best daily life. Whether you need to keep rolling your head while sitting at your desk and take frequent stretching breaks or find it painful to look in a certain direction, lift heavy objects or lift your child, Team Care’s physical therapists will work with you to create your McKenzie exercise program and empower you to function at your best.

Peripheral Joint Injury

Whether you’ve stepped off a curb and twisted your ankle, woken up with knee pain, elbow pain or any other joint pain, Team Care will make sure the joint itself isn’t causing your pain and create your exercise-based approach to healing the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding your joints.

Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries

Team Care will treat all kinds of sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Elbow pain after a tennis match, ankle pain from dancing, neck pain from swimming, back pain from football and more are treatable at Team Care. Our McKenzie-certified exercise programs give patients the tools to heal their muscles, tendons and ligaments on their own in only a few visits to the clinic and minimal imaging, testing and procedures.

Orthopedic Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Whether you’ve had a knee replacement, hip replacement, peripheral joint replacement or any sort of spine surgery including microdiscectomies, fusions and other laparoscopic surgeries, the McKenzie-certified physical therapy exercise programs get patients moving and back on their feet without using excessive testing, rehabilitation and other time-consuming, expensive procedures.

Cervicogenic Headaches and Migraines

People often suffer from headaches, and occasionally migraines, related to repeated or prolonged neck positions. When identified to be the case during an assessment, movements can help to reduce, abolish symptoms, and help keep them away so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

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