Low Back Exercises

The following are video references of the home care exercises that have been prescribed during your appointment. DO NOT perform all of the following exercise, only the ones specifically assigned during your clinic visit. These are meant to be used as a guide according each patient’s specific condition and not as a home treatment without clinician guidance. If you have any questions regarding home care exercises or technique, please contact us at 919-388-0408.

LB 1: Prone Lying
LB 2: Prone Lying in Extension
LB 3: Repeated Extension in Lying
LB 4: Repeated Extension in Lying with Patient Overpressure
LB 5: Extension in Standing
LB 6 & 7: Flexion in Lying and Flexion in Lying with Patient Overpressure
LB 8: Flexion in Sitting
LB 9: Flexion in Sitting with Patient Overpressure
LB 10: Side Glide Against a Wall

LB 11: Side glide in a Doorframe