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Thanks to our evidence-based treatment approach, our average patient visit amount is 5-6 times versus the national average of 18. Learn more about our approach here.

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Team Care Physical Therapy is a credentialed McKenzie clinic, one of the first in the world to receive this honor and the only McKenzie clinic in North Carolina. The McKenzie Method is the gold standard in musculoskeletal assessment and management, providing patients with a long-term solution, backed by years of research, evidence and clinical practice.

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Jon has done a fantastic job assisting us in the care of some complex patients and getting them healthy and performing again.

Dr. Mario Ciocca

Jon Weinberg understood, almost immediately what was causing my pain. He set up a program of back exercises that over a period of several weeks completely eliminated my leg pain, The problem was back related and not lower body as several other healthcare professionals had thought. I am now pain free thanks to Jon’s outstanding treatment. I highly recommend Team Care.

Bob Sydell

Jon has done a fantastic job assisting us in the care of some complex patients and getting them healthy and performing again.

Dr. Mario Ciocca

After years of back pain, Team Care was the first to diagnose me correctly, and helped me back to being fully active within a few months. I had been treated by both university spine centers, various other PTs, and several chiropractors without success. I was frustrated and limited in what I could do, but Team Care was the difference.

Josh Hawn
(Google Review)

I have nothing but great things to say about Jon and his ability to diagnose and remedy injuries. I had a spine/neck injury that ended my career and I was experiencing chronic pain. After seeing Jon for one session, he taught me exercises that elevated the symptoms I thought I were permanent. I recommend him to all of my athletes and any other person with physical therapy needs!

Cameron Clark
New York Jets

I have nothing but great things to say about John. He has helped me get my herniated disc to stop flaring up as much and since then it has helped me tremendously. I can now compete more on the field with less pain. Definitely recommend him to anyone that has back pain!

Andre Greene
Google Review

I am a physician who has a long history of disc herniations leading up to surgery a few years ago. When a new level appeared, I was referred to Jon, and he completely fixed me without surgery. Infact, I went from bent over and barely able to see patients to playing tennis again within 2 weeks, just by doing exercises he prescribed. Now if there is a flare, I revert back to the exercises and it works. I play tennis vigorously and competitively 4-5 times a week. No pain meds, not muscle relaxers!

Peter Bream
Google Review

I want to thank Jon for all his help. Over the course of 1.5 years, I met with 5 surgeons, received 4 epidurals and 1 facet block injection, pain med’s and muscle relaxants. Nothing helped my pain until I was referred to Team Care Physical Therapy. I realize my back problems will never go away 100%, but Jon showed me ways to alleviate my pain to the point I can function. I can’t thank him enough!!!!

Shane Bufmeyer
Google Review

I had been struggling with lower back and leg pain for months, had been to the orthopedic, PT, chiropractor then spine center and nothing helped until the spine center sent me to Jon. He is truly very knowledgeable and a fun guy to hang out with…and has a lovely dog David who pays you a visit. I highly recommend seeking his help if you’re in need. Thank you for everything Jon!

Samantha Weiss
Google Review

I was referred to Team Care Physical Therapy by the UNC Spine Center as the best path forward for my particular back issues. Jon did a great job diagnosing the issues and explaining the treatment path going forward. Jon also did a great job in brainstorming ways to help do my stretches while still doing my job. Jon also helped prepare me for when I wouldn’t be coming back in regularly to see him (things to do on my own to keep the issues from hopefully flaring up again. But if they do I’ll know where my first call will be. Not only did I get top notch treatment and care, but who can resist visiting with Dave (Jon’s perfect office pupper) while there??

John Parks
Google Review

I am a physical therapist but even folks in this profession need another set of eyes to diagnose and treat our injuries. As much as I tried to use my own knowledge and resources to fix my L5 radiculopathy, I was not getting relief. The pain extending to my left foot and ankle were almost constant and I was miserable. I underwent two steroid injections in the Fall of 2021 with minimal effect. I was taking gabapentin and etolodac to help with pain but ultimately this was not solving the problem. Not to mention the fact that I am not a pill popper and I did not like the effects of the medication. A coworker referred me to Jon in February of 2022 and I could not be more pleased. Jon has a very well trained eye for identifying postural issues as well as stellar knowledge about the mechanics of the spine. He identified my issues and constructed a comprehensive treatment plan that I followed religiously. The exercises prescribed were simple and easy to follow. I was motivated to get my life back and was consistent in following his instructions. He is the reason I have my life back and I did it without any invasive treatment. I am forever grateful and will certainly refer friends and family to this practice.

If you are in need of physical therapy for spine issues, this is the place to go.

Amy Berg
Google Review

Amazing therapist, able to help me when no one else could! Period. Two hours before my appointment with Jon at Team Care Physical Therapy I took my family for a quick visit at the museum in downtown Raleigh. While there, I told my kids to go to the next exhibit and I’ll catch up. Like many times before, I was experiencing a pain and numbness down the left side of my leg. I desperately needed a place to sit to relieve the pain. With no chair in site, I literally sat on the floor against the wall to get some relief. I had been dealing with this pain for the last 4-5 years and no one had been able to help. We went straight from the museum to my appt with Jon at Team Care. Jon evaluated my situation and gave me some very simple exercises, it took about 35 minutes. Since that one, single appointment with Jon, I have not experienced pain like I had that day in the museum, not even once! It’s quite incredible and honestly life changing. Over the last 5 years I have been to numerous therapists, in fact I was seeing one about a month before I saw Jon. I stopped treatment because after 6 visits the pain was worse, not better. I also went to an orthopedic surgeon and he said surgery was not an option, therapy was my only choice and it was not working.I had become despondent about my situation. Up until my appointment with Jon, I pretty much believed I would be dealing with this pain down my leg for the rest of my life. His ability to diagnose and treat my pain with some very simple exercises literally changed my life for the better. No longer am I having to sit on the floor in public places! I can not thank him and the crew at Team Care Physical Therapy enough, that is not an exaggeration. They have my highest recommendation. Thanks Jon!

Adam Berry
Google Review
I was referred to Team Care PT by my orthopedic doctor for pains in my lower back, which came on from standing or walking for just 10-15 minutes. Jon Weinberg and his staff, including Dave the Dog, were both welcoming and effective. They assessed my condition and then prescribed specific exercises and stretches that I could do on my own. Over a few weeks, what had been a rather debilitating back pain was reduced to an occasional annoyance, which I could easily relieve by doing just a few seconds of the prescribed stretches. I highly recommend Team Care. They helped me dramatically improve my quality of life.
Harry Simmons
Google Review

Jon’s approach is much better than what I’ve seen from other physical therapists. Every appointment is one on one, and the time is spent actually evaluating your progress and remaining issues. He takes the time to verify that his evaluation of the problem is correct with actual experiments. Not only does my back feel great, but I feel like I’m well equipped to identify future problems early and correct them on my own before they turn into a real injury. Couldn’t be happier – thanks!

Steve Collins
Google Review

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