I am a physical therapist but even folks in this profession need another set of eyes to diagnose and treat our injuries. As much as I tried to use my own knowledge and resources to fix my L5 radiculopathy, I was not getting relief. The pain extending to my left foot and ankle were almost constant and I was miserable. I underwent two steroid injections in the Fall of 2021 with minimal effect. I was taking gabapentin and etolodac to help with pain but ultimately this was not solving the problem. Not to mention the fact that I am not a pill popper and I did not like the effects of the medication. A coworker referred me to Jon in February of 2022 and I could not be more pleased. Jon has a very well trained eye for identifying postural issues as well as stellar knowledge about the mechanics of the spine. He identified my issues and constructed a comprehensive treatment plan that I followed religiously. The exercises prescribed were simple and easy to follow. I was motivated to get my life back and was consistent in following his instructions. He is the reason I have my life back and I did it without any invasive treatment. I am forever grateful and will certainly refer friends and family to this practice.

If you are in need of physical therapy for spine issues, this is the place to go.